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Focus on Microscopy 2020
Osaka, Japan
April 5 - 8, 2020

After the succesfull ending of the conference in London:
Focus on Microscopy 2019
London, United Kingdom
April 14 -17, 2019

Dear Colleagues

Announcing the next Focus on Microscopy conference:
Focus on Microscopy 2020
Osaka, Japan
April 5 - 8, 2020

This year’s conference, FOM2019, in London has been successfully concluded drawing over 800 participants and close to 100 exhibitors/exhibitor booths both from Europe as well from Asia/Australia and America.  The FOM2019 London program together with the one-page PDF abstracts of the presentations can be found at: Program 2019

The FOM2020 conference venue will be the:
Osaka International Convention Center (also known as Grand Cube Osaka)
5 Chome 3-51 Nakanoshima
Kita Ward, Osaka 530-0005, Japan
Located adjacent to the underground Nakanoshima Station served by Keihan Electric Railway Nakanoshima Line.

FOM2020 in Osaka will be the continuation of a yearly conference series (since 1988) on the latest innovations and developments in mostly optical microscopy and their application in biology, medicine, and the material sciences. Please note that this is in the week before Easter 2020.

If you wish to be kept informed on updates etc. please leave your email address at

The next more detailed announcement on the upcoming FOM2020 Osaka conference will be this year, September 2019

Key subjects for the conference series are the theory and practice of 3D optical imaging, related 3D image processing, and reporting especially on developments in resolution and imaging modalities. The conference series covers also the rapidly advancing fluorescence labeling techniques for confocal and multi-photon 3D imaging of -live- biological specimens.

Typical topics of the upcoming FOM conference will include:

• Theory and practice of confocal and multiphoton-excitation microscopy • Super-resolution, nanoscopy imaging: from PSF engineering (4pi, SIM, STED), fluorescent activation/quenching, stochastic/centroid (PALM, STORM, GSDIM, SOFI and related techniques) to TIRF • 3D and 4D live cell and tissue imaging • Adaptive optics for microscopy • Light sheet microscopy • Phase/interference based microscopies, • OCT, holographic, endoscopy • Advanced fluorescence imaging/spectroscopy: FRET, FRAP, FLIM, FCS, SOFI • New fluorescence probes, proteins, quantum dots, single molecule imaging • Clearing and expansion techniques. • Coherent non-linear microscopies: SHG, THG, SFG, CARS. • Multi-dimensional fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy imaging • Correlated microscopies, light/electron, etc. • Laser manipulation and tracking, photo-activation • Fast acquisition, automated and high-content microscopy • 3D image processing and visualization for multidimensional data

A technical exhibition will be an integral part of the upcoming FOM2020 conference. All information about the previous FOM conferences of the last 20 years can be found on this website under button “History”. From 2004 onwards also one page abstracts in PDF format of the presented contributions are available in the listed program of the conferences. Please note also the "Search FOM database" button for full searches through the whole FOM archive over the years.

Important dates:

Opening submission of abstracts Friday, October 25, 2019
Deadline submission of abstracts Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Acceptance of contributions, draft program on the web Friday, February 7, 2020
Deadline for early registration Tuesday, March 3, 2020
FOM2020 Conference Sunday, April 5 - Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Easter Sunday 2020 Sunday, April 12, 2020


Welcoming you to Osaka for the FOM2020 conference and exhibition, the FOM2020 organizers:

The FOM2020 conference incorporates the:

33rd International Conference on 3D Image Processing in Microscopy
32nd International Conference on Confocal Microscopy


Inclusivity Policy

The Focus on Microscopy organization is committed to providing equal opportunities and fair treatment for all, regardless of gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, culture or disability. We are dedicated to complying with all relevant laws applicable in relation to discrimination on any of these grounds. We actively seek to advance gender equality throughout our activities, and through a special Inclusivity Committee.