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Palais de Congress, Avenue Jean Gabriel Domergue, 33300 Bordeaux, France

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By plane

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, is located west of the city. It is a regional airport which serves mostly domestic flights, though there are international flights as well connecting Bordeaux to some European "hub" airports like Paris (Orly and Roissy), London (Gatwick and Luton), Madrid, and Amsterdam.

An express bus runs every 45 minutes to the city center, with stops on demand. The same bus runs from Gare Saint Jean (trainstation) to the airport with three stops:

  1. Office du Tourisme 12, cours du 30 juillet
  2. Place Gambetta Arrêt 50-16-13 (devant le 38 & 39)
  3. Barrière Judaïque (devant le 9 avenue de la République)A Shared-ride shuttle service also operate from the airport door to door with any address in Bordeaux, it is called Hello Shuttle. The fare is from € 8,50 and they run accordingly to the bookings. By trainBuses, trams and taxis leave from in-front of the station. Take Tram C to get to downtown if you are going to the more northern part, or a bus if you are going to the area around Place de la Victoire.You can reach Bordeaux by car from the north (taking the A10 highway or N10), south (taking the A63 highway), and east. A beltway goes around the city.By busIf you're travelling with bikes European Bike Express run a route from north of Leeds, stopping through the UK to Dover and then on towards Bayonne via Bordeaux. Passengers normally travel from the UK to Europe.Taxi providers offer service to and from the airport. For taxi services, you can go directly to Bordeaux Airport taxi rank or make an advance booking with one of the companies.
  4. By taxi
  5. Long-distance buses seem to stop southeast of the train station along Rue des Terres de Borde by the rental car parking lots. Eurolines provide bus service to the city - confirm the location of the stop on your tickets and with the somewhat surly staff at the Eurolines ticket sales office (across the street from the main entrance of Gare Saint-Jean).
  6. If possible, avoid driving between 8-10AM and 4-7PM, as the beltway is usually overcrowded.
  7. By car
  8. The main train station (Gare Saint Jean) is located about 4km from the center of town. Several trains per day (around one every two hours) go north (to Paris, about 3 hours, 25 trains a day to AngoulêmePoitiers), south (to ToulouseMarseille, Montpellier (about 4 to 5 hours), up to Nice), and east (to Périgueux and Clermont-Ferrand).
  9. You can also take public transit (€ 1.50) from the airport to downtown. Just outside the "Arrivals" section you will see a bus stop: route Number 1. This bus will take you directly to Gambetta (a short walk from the Hotel de Ville) and terminates at the main train station, or you can get off at "Lycée Mérignac" (about 15 minutes) and take tramline A to the city centre. Tickets can be bought from the automated machine using a (foreign) credit card, or from the driver. Tickets are valid for 1 hour, and you can change to any tram or bus within this hour. Be aware that Route 1 is popular with locals and tourists alike and can get busy during rush hours - with little room for luggage, and standing room only. It can take 1 hour for Bus no.1 to get downtown, by which time your ticket will have expired if you need to get another bus. Switching to Tramline A is recommended if the bus is full.
  10. The fare is € 7.40, but a reduced fare for those under 26 or over 60 is available for €6.

Getting around in Bordeaux

Tramway in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is quite a big city; however, most of the interesting attractions are in the town center. It is not recommended that visitors drive as it is always a hassle to park (and car parks are expensive), and there are often traffic jams in the narrow, old streets of the city.

The most interesting way to explore the city is by walking. As most of the town center is a 'pedestrian area', this is easy to do. If you like sports, you can rent roller-skates or a bike (see below) or you can make your way in town using the various bus lines. A small ferry boat permits to go from the western shore of the river to the eastern shore, and vice-versa.

Three efficient tramway lines are also available (A, B, and C), tickets cost € 1.50 and covers unlimited journeys within one hour of validation. The machines do not accept notes so you will need a French Carte Bancaire or coins.

By bus

The bus network is organized around a few main places, where it is possible to take buses to almost every destination in the city :