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After a 15-year makeover, Bordeaux has regained its seventeenth century splendor and was elected Best European Destination in 2015. Bordeaux is the international capital of wine and the economic engine of South West France; it also embodies all the beauty and elegance of the French lifestyle. Bordeaux has become an influential European city, and continues to evolve with the opening of the Cité du Vin and the arrival of the high speed train to Paris, among other projects.

Besides being the World Capital of Wine, Bordeaux has become an international brand for tourism with almost 6 million visitors each year. An attractive city for business as well as for lifestyle :

· 317 monuments listed UNESCO World Heritage

· Contemporary architecture: Chaban Delmas Bridge, Matmut Atlantique Stadium, Cité du Vin Wine Museum

· Gastronomy, bistronomy, outdoor cafés, rich cultural agenda

· On the doorstep of the world's largest vineyard

· 9,000 chateaux, the closest 15 minutes from the city centre

· Pedestrian city centre, eco-friendly transport: tram, public bicycle service, electric cars, river shuttle

· Parks, landscaped waterfronts, the Gironde estuary

· Conservation of air quality and biodiversity, production of green energies

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