Conference Venue: NTUH International Convention Center

FOM 2016 will be held at the NTUH International Convention Center in Taipei, Taiwan. Located in the privileged Zhong Zheng district, NTUH (National Taiwan University Hospital) International Convention Center glows on the classical campus of NTUH and is surrounded by many key government and historical buildings, where professionals and intellectuals gather.


Address: No. 2, Xuzhou Road, Zhongzheng District 100, Taipei City
Customer Service Line: +886-2-77240109


Travel to Taipei

From Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (IATA: TPE) is Taiwan's main international airport. It is located 40Km to the southwest of Taipei. The transportation services from airport to Taipei are as follow:

1. Airport MRT
Unfortunately the Airport MRT from the airport to the city is not yet operational.
People are best advised to take or a taxi to the city, see below at  2)
or to take a bus.

The website

contains basically all information. Extract without warranty: 

Best seems to take from the airport the bus 1819 to Taipei Main Station and from this station a taxi to your hotel.

Taxi fares inside city are moderate in comparison to Europe.

Also from this site:
Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport - Kuokuang Line
1819 to Taipei Main Station
Fare: Seems below TWD 150 for full fare.
: 15-20 (minutes).
Business hours
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 24 hours (fore more information)
Trip length
: 55 minutes.

2. By Taxi
Please follow the sign "Taxi" to the taxi station. (You may refer the airport floor plan above.)

Service Hours: Taxi service is available at TPE Airport on 24 hours-a-day basis.

Trip Duration: 50-60 minutes

Charge: Approx. NT$1,200

(Note that Airport Taxis charge by meter reading.)

From Taipei Songshan International Airport (TSA)

Taipei Songshan Airport (IATA: TSA) located in downtown Taipei serves mostly domestic flights, with some daily charter flights to mainland China and Japan. If you are arriving at the Taipei Shongshan Airport, you may take the MRT (Songshan Airport Metro Station) or taxi to your desired destination in the city.

Travel to NTUH International Convention Center

By MRT (Taipei Metro)

The Taipei Metro, more commonly known as the MRT or formally as the Taipei Rapid Transit System is a rapid transit system serving metropolitan Taipei. It consists of 107 stations and 5 lines.

The two Metro stations that are closest to the conference venue are:

1. The red line: exist at the NTU Hospital Station, Exit 2

2. The blue line: exist at the Shandao Temple Station, Exit 2


By Taxi
The standard yellow cabs scouring around the city are available for hail-and-ride. It is recommended but generally unnecessary to phone for a taxi. Not all drivers are fluent in English. Please do have the hotel desk or a Chinese speaking friend write out your destination in Chinese. It is prudent to carry a business card from the hotel. Show the driver the destination in Chinese.

Taxis are metered (starting point priced at NT$70), and the drivers do not take tips. A maximum of four people can ride in one cab, for the price of one.

For your reference, the Chinese of the meeting venue is ""

By Bus

Buses essentially reach every corner in Taipei, Route maps, however, are almost entirely in Chinese, though the destinations indicated on the front of buses are in English. If you're staying at a hotel, have the clerk suggest some routes for you, and circle your destination on the map. Show this to the bus driver, and he/she will hopefully remember to tell you when to get off. In general, riding a bus is not recommended for first time short term visitors.

Here are some of the buses that have stops near the conference venue:

Transport Information



1. a passport with validity of at least six months upon entry .

I. visa-exempt entry only applies to foreign visitors holding formal passports (i.e. ordinary, official/service and diplomatic passports), not including those holding emergency, temporary, other informal passports or travel documents.

II. Japanese passport holders with their passports valid for more than 3 months are eligible for visa-exempt entry.

III. US passport( including emergency passport) holders with their passports valid for the period of intended stay are eligible for visa-exempt entry.

2. a confirmed return air/sea ticket or an air/sea ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure.

3. non-criminal record and not prohibited by the local authorities to enter Taiwan