FOM2014 Visa Information

Under Australia's universal visa system, all visitors to Australia must have a valid visa to travel to and enter Australia. For exceptions, refer to footnote 1.

It is recommended that participants apply for their visa well in advance of their intended date of travel to Australia. Allow at least 6-8 weeks for paper based applications and at least 2 weeks for electronic applications.

Visa Types

For the purposes of attending the FOM2014 Conference, participants may wish to consider applying for one of the following visas, based on their role at the event.
  1. Business Visitor Visa [eVisitor, Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or Visitor (Subclass 600) visa in the business stream]
    This visa should be used by anyone who is participating in a conference, unless they are being paid by an organiser in Australia for their participation, or they selling their goods or services directly to the general public. For more information and online application see
    Note that the majority of the travel agencies in your home country can provide direct assistance to you in applying for an ETA.
  2. Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) (Subclass 400) visa
    This visa should be used by those who are being paid by an organisation in Australia for their participation in a conference, and those who are selling their goods or services directly to the general public.

For further information on visa options for business events, please see the attached fact sheet.

For additional background relating to visas for people to come to Australia for a business-related visit, please see:, seefootnote 2.


  1. The exception is: New Zealand passport holders will normally be granted a Special Category visa on arrival, provided they meet health and character requirements.Permanent residents of Norfolk Island who may be granted a Permanent Resident of Norfolk Island visa on arrival.

  2. Where to Lodge Paper Based Visa Applications
    The Department of Immigration has Australian Visa Offices located around the world that are responsible for specific countries, regions or economies. Use the following link to find the responsible Australian Visa Office for each location, including details on how to lodge a paper based visa

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