Travel information

Krakow can be reached by air, train, coach or car.


Krakow is served by Balice airport (11 km to the city center, see e.g. and and Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport (100 km from Krakow, see

A direct flight from from Munich to Krakow takes approx. 1h20min, from Frankfurt - 1h40min.

Note: Krakow-Balice domestic aiport is located at a distance of about 500 meters from the international airport. If you fly from abroad directly you will arrive at the International Terminal. However, if you fly via Warsaw (Warszawa), you will arrive at the Domestic terminal. There is a shuttle bus connecting the Domestic Terminal, the International Terminal and the station of the airport train, which runs to the Main Railway Station (in the city center).

If you arrive in Krakow-Balice airport - you can take a train to the city center The train station is located some 200 m from International Terminal. Use a shuttle bus or just walk there - as you leave the International Terminal arrival hall - turn right, walk 30 m, turn left and straight for 150 m; the platform is on your right. The ticket costs 6 zloty (2 euro).

If choose a taxi - take a taxi from the stand in front of the arrival hall (ask for the receipt, even if you do not need it). The cost of a journey to city center is approximately 60 zl (30 euro).

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