Program as of Mon Apr 20 10:11:09 AM GMT 2009

Sunday, April 5

13:30-19:00Registration (Entrance hall, Auditorium Maximum, ul. Krupnicza 35, Krakow)
SU-AF-TUT-A (Aula Duza A)
G.C. Cox (University of Sydney) Tutorial workshop: Fundamentals of fluorescence imaging [PDF]
SU-AF-TUT-B (Aula Duza B)
T.W.J. Gadella (University of Amsterdam) Tutorial workshop: FLIM and FRET techniques [PDF]
SU-AF-TUT-C (Aula Srednia)
A. Zumbusch (University of Konstanz) CARS microscopy: Principles and applications [PDF]
SU-AF-TUT-D (Aula Wystawowa)
B. Rajwa (Purdue University) Tutorial workshop: From images to numbers [PDF]
18:00-20:10Opening Symposium, plenary
SU-EV-PLEN (Aula Duza)
C. Cremer (Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics) Spectrally Assigned Localization Microscopy [PDF]
A.M. Bogdanov & D.M. Chudakov & V.V. Verkhusha & K.A. Lukyanov (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry) Fluorescent proteins: promising novices and unexpected abilities of old friends [PDF]
Z. Darzynkiewicz (New York Medical College) Image assisted cytometry: Analytical capabilities of laser scanning cytometry [PDF]
20:10-21:30Welcome reception, drinks and snacks (sponsored by Leica)

Monday, April 6

07:30-17:00Registration (Entrance hall, Auditorium Maximum)
08:30-09:50Plenary session
MO-MO-PLEN (Aula Duza A)
J. Klumperman (Cell Microscopy Center, Department of Cell Biology, University Medical Center Utrecht) Imaging cellular dynamics by correlative live cell - electron microscopy (CLEM) [PDF]
S.W. Hell (MPI Biophys Chemistry Göttingen) Far-field optical nanoscopy [PDF]
09:50-10:30Coffee/Tea Break (Exhibition area)
10:30-12:30Parallel sessions
MO-MO-PAR-A Imaging dynamic interactions, also with FRET/FRAP (Aula Duza A)
T.K. Goral & C.W. Mullineaux & A.V. Ruban & M.P. Johnson (Queen Mary, University of London) Mobility of chlorophyll-proteins in the thylakoid membranes of intact spinach chloroplasts increases after photoinhibition [PDF]
M. Koch & A. Rohrbach (Lab for Bio- and Nano-Photonics, University of Freiburg) High-speed dynamics of helical bacteria trapped in a light tube [PDF]
A.N. Bader & E.G. Hofman & P.M.P. van Bergen en Henegouwen & H.C. Gerritsen (Utrecht University) Homo-FRET imaging quantifies subcellular protein cluster sizes [PDF]
S.K. Vogel & N. Pavin & N. Maghelli & F. Julicher & I.M. Tolic-Norrelykke (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics) Self-organization of dynein motors on dynamic microtubules generates nuclear oscillations [PDF]
V.A. Barr & D.J. Helman & L.E. Samelson (National Cancer Institute) Analysis of STIM1 and Orai1 in distal caps and puncta in activated T cells using FRET, FRAP and FLIP [PDF]
V. Devauges & P. Blandin & J.C. Cossec & S. Lecart & C. Marquer & M.C. Potier & F. Druon & P. Georges & S. Leveque-Fort (Laboratoire de Photophysique Moléculaire) Total internal reflection fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy and FRET detection for neurobiological applications [PDF]
MO-MO-PAR-B Phase microscopy, biolgical appl. and theory (Aula Duza B)
P. Joudain & B. Rappaz & D. Boss & C. Depeursinge & P. Magistretti & P. Marquet (Centre des neurosciences psychiatriques/university of Lausanne) Optical recording of cell electrical activity by digital holographic microscopy [PDF]
B. Kemper (Center for Biomedical Optics and Photonics, University of Muenster) Digital holographic phase contrast microscopy for quantitative imaging of living cells [PDF]
C. Maurer & S. Bernet & M. Ritsch-Marte (Innsbruck Medical University) Common path interferometry with a spiral phase filter for precise phase topography measurements [PDF]
P. Bon & S. Monneret & B. Wattellier & D. Marguet (Institut Fresnel, MOSAIC / Phasics) Quantitative phase microscopy using a high-resolution wavefront sensor [PDF]
N. Dragomir & A. Roberts (University of Melbourne) Two-dimensional retardance imaging with quantitative phase microscopy [PDF]
S.B. Mehta & C.J.R. Sheppard (Optical Bioimaging Lab, Div. of Bioengineering, National University of Singapore) Quantitative phase retrieval in the partially coherent Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) microscope [PDF]
MO-MO-PAR-C Image processing, classification, platforms (Aula Srednia)
T. Pengo & M. Galarraga & A. Muñoz-Barrutia & C. Ortiz-de-Solórzano (Center for Applied Medical Imaging (CIMA), Universidad de Navarra) Multichannel cell segmentation and classification using constrained nonnegative matrix factorization [PDF]
L. Kubinova & J Janacek (Institute of Physiology) Measurement of surface area of microscopic structures using image analysis and stereology [PDF]
S. Preibisch & S. Saalfeld & P. Tomancak (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics) Bead-based mosaicing of single plane illumination microscopy images using geometric local descriptor matching [PDF]
A. Seitz & S. Terjung & Y. Belyaev & R. Pepperkok (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) Automated image analysis of microscopy based cell assays using ImageJ [PDF]
R. Nitschke & M. Emmenlauer & O. Ronneberger & A. Ponti & B. Schwarb & H. Burkhardt & W. Driever (University Freiburg, Life Imaging Center) XuvTools: Fast and reliable stitching of large 3D datasets [PDF]
J. Henriksson & J. Hench & T. Bürglin (Department of Bioscience and Nutrition, Karolinska Institutet) Endrov - A new framework for microscopy and image analysis [PDF]
MO-MO-PAR-D Super resolution and focus control (Aula Wystawowa)
K. Fujita & M. Yamanaka & S. Kawano & N.I. Smith & S. Kawata (Osaka University) Saturated-excitation fluorescence microscopy for biological imaging beyond the diffraction limit [PDF]
R. Schmidt & A. Egner & S.W. Hell (MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Dep. of NanoBiophotonics) isoSTED microscopy - application of 3D nanoscale imaging [PDF]
C.J.R. Sheppard & N.K. Balla & S. Rehman & E.Y.S. Yew (National University of Singapore) Tight focusing of light [PDF]
K. Wicker & S. Sindbert & R. Heintzmann (King's College London) Resolution enhancement for scanning fluorescence microscopes using image inversion interferometers [PDF]
E. Botcherby & M.J. Booth & R. Juskaitis & T. Wilson (University of Oxford) High resolution microscopy with fast focus control [PDF]
T. Pengo & A. Muñoz-Barrutia & C. Ortiz-de-Solórzano (Center for Applied Medical Imaging (CIMA), Universidad de Navarra) Autofocus in scanning microscopy using a low discrepancy point set [PDF]
12:30-14:00Lunch break (Exhibition area)
14:00-15:20Parallel sessions
MO-AF1-PAR-A Nuclear structure and function (Aula Duza A)
H. Fidlerova & J. Kalinova & M. Blechova & J. Velek & I. Raska (Charles University in Prague, First Faculty of Medicine and Institute of Physiology) Early replicated chromatin detected by anti-actin antibody identifies a new epigenetic chromatin marker [PDF]
T.J. Stasevich & F. Mueller & D.T. Brown & J.G. McNally (National Cancer Institute, NIH) Dissecting cooperative binding using live cell microscopy: Sequential binding of the linker histone to chromatin [PDF]
P. Hemmerich (Leibniz Institute for Age Research) Quantitative imaging of nuclear functions [PDF]
W.A. van Cappellen (ErasmusMC Rotterdam) 4Pi microscopy of nuclear structures [PDF]
MO-AF1-PAR-B Correlative light/electon microscopy, microtomy (Aula Duza B)
M. Storms & R. Wagner & M. Verheijen & G. van Duinen & M. Harris (FEI Company) Automated 3D imaging of macromolecules in their native hydrated state [PDF]
C.H. Tsou & H.J. Yen & P.C. Cheng (Inst. of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica) Anthesis in maize: Study of water transport [PDF]
C.J.F. Van Noorden (AMC, Dept. of Cell Biology and Histology) Rapid combined light and electron microscopy on large frozen biological samples [PDF]
H. Lubatschowski & F. Will & O. Massow & S. Przemeck (Rowiak GmbH) All optical preparation of thin tissue samples with a laser microtome [PDF]
MO-AF1-PAR-C High content imaging, photo-toxicity (Aula Srednia)
W.H. De Vos & B. Dieriks & G.H. Joss & P. Van Oostveldt (University of Ghent) High content image cytometry for nuclear fingerprinting [PDF]
B. Lich & D. Wall & G. Knott (FEI Company) High-throughput 3D cellular imaging [PDF]
S.L. Brázdilová & M. Kozubek (Masaryk University) Automated search for information content in fluorescence microscopy images using modified autofocusing approach [PDF]
P.D. Zoon & S.A.G. Lambrechts & R.A. Hoebe & T.W.J. Gadella & C.J.F. Van Noorden & E.M.M. Manders (University of Amsterdam) Wide field controlled light exposure fluorescence microscopy (WF-CLEM) [PDF]
MO-AF1-PAR-D OCT, non-linear scattering and imaging (Aula Wystawowa)
R.A. Leitgeb & T. Schmoll & Ch. Kolbitsch (Medical University of Vienna) Ultra-high speed optical coherence microscopy [PDF]
A. Dubois (Institut d'Optique) Multimodal full-field optical coherence tomography [PDF]
Z. Lavagnino & F. Cella & A. Diaspro (LAMBS-MicroSCoBio,Department of Physics, University of Genoa) Analysis of the penetration of non linear optical excitation in thick scattering samples [PDF]
C.J.R. Sheppard & W. Gong & K. Si & C.H. Wong & N.G. Chen (National University of Singapore) Imaging through scattering media using d-shaped apertures [PDF]
15:20-16:30Posters, Coffee, Refreshments
Poster sessions:
  • Life science posters A, B and C
  • SHG, THG, CARS, Raman, OCT
  • Optical trapping, single molecule, imaging systems, various
(Poster area/Exhibition area)
16:30-18:00Parallel sessions
MO-AF2-PAR-A New developments in (confocal) instrumentation (Aula Duza A)
M.F. Langhorst (Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH) Fast and flexible white light optical sectioning for live cell imaging [PDF]
C. Kappel & L. Kuschel (Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH) The Leica TCS SMD series: A new platform for single molecule detection and analysis techniques [PDF]
G. Schroeder (Olympus Life Science Europa GmbH) Olympus introduces new product family of fluorescence and laser-scanning microscopes: The new FSX100 and FluoView FV10i [PDF]
MO-AF2-PAR-C Cereal, fibers, X-ray, SEM, Reflectance microscopy (Aula Srednia)
L.N. Pietrzak & S.S. Miller (Eastern Cereal and Oilseeds Research Centre) Application of microspectroscopy techniques to cereal chemistry in situ [PDF]
M.W.M. van Ruijven & E. Drost & J. Nijsse & G. van Dalen (Unilever Research & Development) Imaging of fibres in emulsions [PDF]
A. Sasov (SkyScan, Belgium) X-ray microscopy of living cells [PDF]
K.S. Sim & M.A. Lai & C.P. Tso (Multimedia University) Exponential contrast stretching techniques for SEM charging effects [PDF]
M.A. Altintas & K.H. Busch & M.M. Meyer-Marcotty & A. Steiert & J. Redeker & M. Aust & Ch. Herold & P.M. Vogt (Medical School Hannover, Germany) In vivo reflectance confocal microscopy assessments of dynamic alterations of cutaneous microcirculation in humans on morphological features [PDF]
MO-AF2-PAR-D Super-resolution, aspects and approaches (Aula Wystawowa)
J.B. Pawley (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Limitations and tradeoffs of high resolution lm techniques [PDF]
X. Gan & X. Gao (Swinburne University of Technology) Super-resolution technique for nanolithography [PDF]
K. Elsayad & K.G. Heinze (Reserach Institute of Molecular Pathology - IMP) Designing a super-lens suitable for live cell imaging [PDF]
P.A. Benedetti & D. Guidarini (IPCF-CNR) Superresolution 3D imaging in video-confocal microscopy [PDF]
A. Engbert & J. Forma & P. Hanninen & J. Toivonen (University of Turku) Simulation of localization microscopy method utilizing quantum dot blinking [PDF]
18:30-19:30Workshop Carl Zeiss (Aula Duza A)
19:30-20:30Food, drinks, music (courtesy of Carl Zeiss)
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Tuesday, April 7

08:00-17:00Registration (Entrance hall, Auditorium Maximum)
08:30-09:50Plenary session
TU-MO-PLEN (Aula Duza A)
A.B. Houtsmuller (Erasmus MC Rotterdam) Molecular mechanisms of gene transcription and dna repair studied by quantitative confocal microscopy [PDF]
P. Saggau (Baylor College of Medicine) Advanced microscopy with diffractive optical elements [PDF]
09:50-10:30Coffee/Tea Break
10:30-12:30Parallel sessions
TU-MO-PAR-A Metabolic mapping (Aula Duza A)
J.S. Yu & H.W. Guo & J.T. Chen & Y.H. Wei & H.W. Wang (National Yang-Ming University) The relationship of NADH fluorescence lifetime and mitochondrial function in the early stage of staurosporine-induced apoptosis [PDF]
V. Gukkasyan & T. Buriakina & J. Hsu & F.-J. Kao (National Yang-Ming University) Monitoring cellular metabolism with fluorescence lifetime of reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide [PDF]
C. Dibner & J. Bosset & U. Schibler & C. Bauer (University of Geneve) Bioluminescence microscopy: A novel approach to study circadian gene expression in single cells [PDF]
S. Junek & T.W. Chen & M. Alevra & D. Schild (University of Goettingen) Activity correlation imaging: visualizing function and structure of neuronal populations [PDF]
J.W.P. Kuiper & B. Wieringa & J.A.M. Fransen (Department of Cell Biology and Microscopic Imaging Centre, NCMLS, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre) A role for cytosolic brain creatine kinase in phagocytosis [PDF]
L. Plecita-Hlavata & T. Spacek & J. Jezek & M. Lessard & J. Bewersdorf & P. Jezek (Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences) HEPG2 cells adapt to physiological normoxia by thinning mitochondrial network tubules - 4pi microscopy study [PDF]
TU-MO-PAR-B FRET/FLIM I theory and application (Aula Duza B)
A. Esposito & S. Schlachter & A.D. Elder & G.S. Kaminski Schierle & A.N. Bader & H.C. Gerritsen & C.F. Kaminski (University of Cambridge) Photon-statistics and Förster resonance energy tranfer [PDF]
S. Schlachter & S. Schwedler & A. Esposito & A.D. Elder & G.S. Kaminski Schierle & C.F. Kaminski (University of Cambridge) Analysis and quantification of multi-dimensional confocal microscopy data [PDF]
A. Rueck & F. Dolp & B. v. Einem & C v. Arnim (ILM) multispectral FLIM and FRET applications [PDF]
A. Leray & C. Spriet & D. Trinel & L. Héliot (Interdisciplinary Research Institute) Multispectral FLIM acquisition and 3D polar representation [PDF]
D. Mazza & K. Braeckmans & F. Cella & I. Testa & D. Vercauteren & J. Demeester & S.C. De Smedt & A. Diaspro (Ghent University) A new FRAP/FRAPa method for 3-D diffusion measurements based on multi-photon excitation microscopy [PDF]
S. Schlachter & A.D. Elder & J. Frank & A. Esposito & G.S. Kaminski Schierle & C.F. Kaminski (University of Cambridge) Frequency domain lifetime imaging at high speed and accuracy [PDF]
TU-MO-PAR-C Optical trapping, manipulation, processing (Aula Srednia)
A. Rohrbach (University of Freiburg) Microscopy with tuned optical momentum transfer [PDF]
K. König & A. Uchugonova (JenLab GmbH, Two-photon imaging and nanoprocessing of stem cells [PDF]
L. Friedrich & A. Rohrbach (University of Freiburg, IMTEK) Surface scanning using optically trapped probes [PDF]
T. Meyer & H. Kress & A. Rohrbach (Lab for Bio- and Nanophotonics, University of Freiburg) Interferometric tracking of particle fluctuations and single receptor bindings [PDF]
P.M.P. Lanigan & I. Munro & E.J. Grace & M.A.A. Neil (Imperial College London) Dynamical hologram generation on the graphics processing unit for high speed optical trapping [PDF]
B. Landenberger & A. Rohrbach (University of Freiburg) Microscope-based orientation and sorting of biological objects with optical tweezers [PDF]
TU-MO-PAR-D (Non-linear) adaptive optics, de-noising (Aula Wystawowa)
D. Debarre & M.J. Booth & T. Wilson (Laboratory for Optics and Biosciences) Image-based aberration correction in two-photon microscopy [PDF]
N. Olivier & D. Debarre & E. Lavergne & X. Levecq & E. Beaurepaire (Ecole Polytechnique) Adaptive multiphoton imaging of thick tissue samples with genetic-algorithm-based optimization [PDF]
E.J. Gualda & J.M. Bueno & P. Artal (Universidad de Murcia) Wavefront-assisted non-linear microscopy of ex-vivo ocular tissue [PDF]
M.J. Booth & A. Jesacher & A. Thayil & K.F. Grieve & D. Debarre & T. Wilson (University of Oxford) Adaptive optics for aberration correction in harmonic generation microscopy [PDF]
B. Wattellier & I. Doudet (Phasics) Hologram and image optimization using high resolution adaptive optics [PDF]
T. Bernas (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, National Biophotonics And Imaging Platform Ireland) Adaptative denoising of biological fluorescence micrographs using detector precision characteristics. [PDF]
12:30-14:00Lunch break (Exhibition area)
14:00-15:20Parallel sessions
TU-AF1-PAR-A Nuclear dynamics with FRET/FRAP/FCS (Aula Duza A)
M. Zarebski & E. Wiernasz & J.W. Dobrucki (Jagiellonian University, Div. of Cell Biophysics) A New method of inflicting local oxidative damage in chromatin, using photosensitiser and focused green light, reveals involvement of heterochromatin protein 1 in DNA damage response [PDF]
J.P. Fonseca & C. Gänger & E. Dworschak & L. Ringrose (IMBA - Institute of Molecular Biotechnology GmbH) Live imaging of polycomb repressive complex 1 dynamics in mitotic and differentiating chromatin of Drosophila melanogaster [PDF]
D. Mazza & A. Michelman-Ribeiro & T. Rosales & T.J. Stasevich & H. Boukari & C. Vinson & J.R. Knutson & J.G. McNally (National Cancer Institute - National Institute of Health) Towards the validation of in-vivo binding rates measurements by direct quantitative comparison of FCS and FRAP [PDF]
N. Fourré & P. Völkel & P.-O. Angrand & L. Héliot (Interdisciplinary Research Institute (IRI) CNRS USR3078) Dynamic study of polycomb repression mediated by the PRC1 protein complex [PDF]
TU-AF1-PAR-B FRET/FLIM II instrumentation (Aula Duza B)
H. Spiecker & M. Ahlering & V. Andresen (LaVision BioTec GmbH) High-speed FLIM for live 3D-(laser-scanning) microscopy [PDF]
J. Siebring & H.M.J. Oosterveld-Hut & L.K. van Geest (Lambert Instruments) FLIM combined with TIRF or confocal imaging improves image contrast [PDF]
V. Buschmann & B. Krämer & M. König & F. Koberling & S. Orthaus & U. Ortmann & R. Erdmann (PicoQuant GmbH) Integration of time-resolved fluorescence techniques for confocal laser scanning microscopes [PDF]
R. Hidema & C. Julien & H. Ushiki & Q. Zhou & P. Audebert & A. Courjaud & E. Mottay & R.B. Pansu (Amplitude Systemes) Video FLIM using a versatile short pulse laser source [PDF]
TU-AF1-PAR-C SRS,THG, phase-shaped pulse imaging (Aula Srednia)
P. Nandakumar & A. Kovalev & A. Volkmer (University of Stuttgart) Vibrational imaging based on stimulated Raman scattering microscopy [PDF]
N. Olivier & D. Debarre & E. Beaurepaire (Ecole Polytechnique) Third-harmonic generation microscopy: phase-matching, epidetection, and embryo imaging [PDF]
C. Boudoux & R.S. Pillai & G. Labroille & I. Veilleux & N. Olivier & M. Joffre & E. Beaurepaire (LOB - École Polytechnique (Palaiseau) and École Polytechnique (Montréal)) Dynamic selective microscopy of fluorescent species in vivo with rapidly phase-shaped broadband pulses [PDF]
P. Xi & Y. Andegeko & D. Pestov & V. Lozovoy & M. Dantus & X. Feng & C. Zhou & Q. Ren (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Multiphoton microscopy with phase compensated ultrashort laser pulses [PDF]
TU-AF1-PAR-D Structured illumination microscopies (Aula Wystawowa)
M.J. Booth & A. Jesacher & R. Juskaitis & T. Wilson (University of Oxford) Full spectrum filterless fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
R. Riesenberg & M. Kanka & P. Petruck & C. Graulig (Institute of Photonic Technology) Structured illumination by a pinhole array for holographic microscopy [PDF]
C. Ventalon & J. Mertz & V. Emilani (University Paris Descartes) Depth encoding with lensless structured illumination fluorescence micro-endoscopy [PDF]
G. Saavedra & E. Sanchez-Ortiga & S. Stanciu & M. Martinez-Corral (University of Valencia) Flexible production of light fringes in structured illumination microscopy [PDF]
15:20-16:00Coffee/Tea Break (Exhibition area)
16:00-17:40Parallel sessions
TU-AF2-PAR-A Novel microscopical reporter systems (Aula Duza A)
E. Silden & E. Mc Cormack & D. Micklem & J. Lorens & B.T. Gjertsen (University of Bergen) Development of a novel near-infrared reporter system for in vitro and in vivo imaging of cancer [PDF]
T. Nagai & S. Kim & T. Tani (Hokkaido University) Multifunctional imaging by genetically-encoded homo-FRET-based indicator [PDF]
R. Bizzarri & M. Serresi & F. Cardarelli & S. Abbruzzetti & B. Campanini & C. Viappiani & F. Beltram (NEST, Scuola Normale Superiore, IIT UdR) Development and in vivo imaging of new reversibly photoswitchable Aequorea Victoria fluorescent proteins [PDF]
S.T. Ligthart & L.W.M.M. Terstappen (University of Twente) Comparison of spectral imaging methods by simulation for measuring aneuploidy with qdot labeled FISH probes [PDF]
A. Heisterkamp & J. Baumgart & M. Schomaker & H.M. Escobar & I. Nolte & J. Bullerdiek & C. Junghanns & H. Lubatschowski (Laser Zentrum Hannover) fs-Laser transfection in living cells - Strategies for high throughput [PDF]
TU-AF2-PAR-B STED imaging in cell biology (Aula Duza B)
P.C. Peters & G.C. Cox & E.J. Harry (University of Sydney) Structure and organization of the tubulin homolog FTS-Z in Bacillus subtilis revealed by super-resolution optical imaging [PDF]
R. Medda & L. Kastrup & J.D. Wildanger & S.W. Hell (Max Planck Institute for biophysical Chemistry) Application of STED microscopy for neurofilament studies in re-differentiated human neuroblastoma [PDF]
M.A. Lauterbach & V. Westphal & S.O. Rizzoli & D. Kamin & S.W. Hell (Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry) Mobility of synaptic vesicles studied by STED superresolution movies [PDF]
F. Kohler & H. Kress & A. Rohrbach (University of Freiburg) Resolving molecular motor stepping inside living cells [PDF]
A. Gorlewicz & J. Wlodarczyk & P. Grieb & U. Slawinska & L. Kaczmarek & G. Wilczynski (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology) CD44 is expressed in non-myelinating Schwann cells of the adult rat, and may play a role in neurodegeneration-induced glial plasticity at the neuromuscular junction [PDF]
TU-AF2-PAR-C Raman/CARS techniques and applications (Aula Srednia)
D. Cialla & T. Deckert-Gaudig & V. Deckert & J. Popp (Friedrich-Schiller University) Tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy for bioanalytical studies with molecular resolution [PDF]
G. Hehl & A. Kovalev & P. Nandakumar & A. Volkmer (3rd Institute of Physics, University of Stuttgart) Label-free detection of cholesterol by coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microspectroscopy [PDF]
D. Akimov & C. Krafft & C. Bielecki & M. Schmitt & B. Dietzek & I. Petersen & A. Stallmach & J. Popp (Friedrich-Schiller University Jena) Biomedical applications based on a comparative Raman AND CARS-imaging study [PDF]
F. Lu & W. Zheng & Z. Huang (National University of Singapore) Radial polarization coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy facilitates detection of longitudinally oriented molecules [PDF]
C. Otto & M. Jurna & J.P. Korterik & H.L. Offerhaus (University of Twente) Heterodyne CARS imaging with an optical parametric oscillator [PDF]
TU-AF2-PAR-D Advanced linear and non-linear imaging (Aula Wystawowa)
F.O. Fahrbach & A. Rohrbach (University of Freiburg) Microscopy with non-diffracting beams [PDF]
O. Schwartz & D. Oron (Department of Physics of Complex Systems of Weizmann Institute of Science) Nonlinear diffraction limit and one color sub-diffraction-limited imaging [PDF]
Y. Cotte & C. Depeursinge (EPFL) Measurement of the complex amplitude point spread function by a diffracting circular aperture [PDF]
E. Ronzitti & V. Caorsi & A. Diaspro (LAMBS, MicroSCoBio, Department of Physics, University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy) Annular pupil filter under shot-noise condition for linear and non linear microscopy: A frequency approach [PDF]
S. Chanbai & G. Wiora & M. Weber & H. Roth (NanoFocus AG) Fast-Fourier-Transform for tilted planes based on numerical integration [PDF]

Wednesday, April 8

08:00-14:00Registration (Entrance hall, Auditorium Maximum)
08:30-10:30Parallel sessions
WE-MO1-PAR-A Non-invasive tissue imaging (Aula Duza A)
R. Megens & L. Prinzen & S. Reitsma & M. oude Egbrink & C. Reutelingsperger & D. Slaaf & M. van Zandvoort (Maastricht University) Imaging of collagen and associated structures in atherogenesis in murine carotid arteries using two-photon microscopy [PDF]
V.V. Pully & A. Lenferink & V. Subramaniam & C.A. van Blitterswijk & C. Otto (University of Twente) Non invasive and label free analysis of osteogenic events during mineralization of human bone marrow derived stem cells [PDF]
J.A. Palero & H.S. de Bruijn & A. van der Ploeg van den Heuvel & H.J.C.M. Sterenborg & H. van Weelden & H.C. Gerritsen (Utrecht University) In vivo nonlinear spectral imaging microscopy of visible and ultraviolet irradiated hairless mouse skin tissues [PDF]
A. Deniset-Besseau & J. Duboisset & P. De Sa Peixoto & E. Benichou & C. Loison & G. Mosser & P.-F. Brevet & M.-C. Schanne-Klein (Ecole Polytechnique) Measurement of the second order hyperpolarisability of the collagen triple helix and determination of its physical origin [PDF]
J. Requejo-Isidro & S. Marcos & A.U. Acuña & L. Rivas & F. Amat-Guerri & E. Carrillo & V. Hornillos & J. Merayo-Lloves (Unidad de Biofísica, CSIC-UPV/EHU) Application of fluorescence sectioned microscopy to the in-situ diagnosis of acanthamoeba sp. ocular infection [PDF]
X. Feng & B. Gao & P. Xi & C. Zhou & Y. Li & S. Chen & Q. Ren (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Multimodality confocal imaging and its application in revealing biomedical histopathology [PDF]
WE-MO1-PAR-B Single molecule imaging, nanoscopy, tracking (Aula Duza B)
M.R. Foreman & C.A. Macias Romero & P. Török (Imperial College London) Determination of the three dimensional orientation of single molecules [PDF]
C. Geisler & C. v. Middendorff & A. Schönle & A. Egner & S.W. Hell (Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry) Optical sectioning in 3D far-field fluorescence nanoscopy based on single molecule switching [PDF]
J.G. Ritter & R. Veith & J.P. Siebrasse & U. Kubitscheck (University of Bonn) In vivo single molecule tracking with light sheet-based microscopy [PDF]
A. Schönle & C. Ringemann & A. Egner & I. Testa & C. Eggeling & S.W. Hell (Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry) Single molecule spectroscopy on the nanoscale with focused visible light [PDF]
A. Egner & I. Testa & J. Fölling & C. Geisler & C. v. Middendorff & C. Eggeling & A. Schönle & S.W. Hell (Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry) Multi-parameter fluorescence nanoscopy through single molecule switching [PDF]
S. Ram & P. Prabhat & E.S. Ward & R.J. Ober (University of Texas at Dallas) Dual objective multifocal plane microscopy for single particle/molecule imaging applications [PDF]
WE-MO1-PAR-C Novel microscopy approaches, cell workstation (Aula Srednia)
W. Caarls & A.H.B. de Vries & D.J. Arndt-Jovin & T.M. Jovin (Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry) Arbitrary and dynamic patterning in a programmable array microscope [PDF]
B.H.W. Hendriks & N. Mihajlovic & W.C.J. Bierhoff & C.A. Hezemans & R. Harbers & J.J.L. Horikx & G.W. 't Hooft & A.E. Desjardins (Philips Research) High-resolution fiber-scanning confocal microscope [PDF]
H. Harz & R. Uhl (BIZ Ludwig Maximilians Universität München) Combining 4-d Microscopy, TIRF and FRAP in a fast livecell imaging microscope [PDF]
C. Dunsby (Imperial College London) Optically sectioned imaging by oblique plane microscopy [PDF]
F. Pampaloni & E.H.K. Stelzer (Light Microscopy Group, European Molecular Biological Laboratory (EMBL)) SPIM-based live imaging and cell culture workstation for three-dimensional cell biology [PDF]
R. Oldenbourg & E. Barry & Z. Dogic (Marine Biological Laboratory) Polarized light field microscopy of thin birefringent films [PDF]
WE-MO1-PAR-D Holography and data storage (Aula Wystawowa)
S.S. Kou & C.J.R. Sheppard (National University of Singapore) Transfer function analysis for holographic tomography [PDF]
J. Kühn & F. Montfort & T. Colomb & B. Rappaz & C. Moratal & N. Pavillon & P. Marquet & C. Depeursinge (EPFL) Red blood cell tomography in reflection by multiple-wavelength digital holographic microscopy [PDF]
J. Girard & G. Maire & H. Giovannini & K. Belkebir & P. Chaumet & A. Talneau & A. Sentenac (Institut Fresnel, Aix-Marseille Université / CNRS) Optical diffraction tomography with a total internal reflection microscopy configuration [PDF]
M. Debailleul & V. Georges & B. Simon & R. Morin & J.-J. Delaunay & O. Haeberlé (Laboratory MIPS - Université de Haute-Alsace) High resolution tomographic diffractive microscopy of transparent samples [PDF]
T. Gutzler & T.R. Hillman & S.A. Alexandrov & D.D. Sampson (The University of Western Australia) High-resolution, wide-field holographic microscopy via spatial-frequency-domain aperture synthesis [PDF]
P. Török & C.A. Macias Romero & M.R. Foreman & A.S. van de Nes & G.H. Ho (Imperial College London) Ultra-high density optical data storage [PDF]
10:30-11:00Coffee/Tea Break (Exhibition area)
11:00-12:40Parallel sessions
WE-MO2-PAR-A Live cell imaging (Aula Duza A)
C. Tudor & A. Esseling-Ozdoba & H. Kanger & C.G. Figdor & V. Subramaniam (Univeristy of Twente) A FRET-FLIM study reveals the interaction between alcam and actin as a potential regulator of alcam binding activity [PDF]
Z. Petrasek & P. Schwille (Biotechnologisches Zentrum, Technische Universitaet Dresden) Mapping the motion of proteins in vivo [PDF]
P. Kapusta & U. Ortmann & S. Orthaus & B. Krämer & M. König & V. Buschmann & F. Koberling & R. Erdmann (PicoQuant GmbH) Recent technical developments in time-resolved microscopy for diffusion studies down to the single molecule level [PDF]
K.G. Heinze & K.G. Neumüller & M.N. Waxham (IMP - Research Institute of Molecular Pathology) Bias by light: photo-unbinding of fluorescent proteins in cell imaging [PDF]
T. Ozawa (University of Tokyo) Visualization of biological functions using split-Reporter reconstitution technology [PDF]
WE-MO2-PAR-B Single molecule biological applications (Aula Duza B)
H.R.C. Dietrich & B. Rieger & M.S. Celej & I.T. Young & T.M. Jovin (Delft University of Technology) Studying á-synuclein aggregation at nanoliter volumes [PDF]
R. Veith & J.P. Siebrasse & J.G. Ritter & U. Kubitscheck (University of Bonn, Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry) Single molecule microscopy of intranuclear mRNP dynamics in living C. Tentans Salivary gland cell nuclei [PDF]
D. Grünwald & R.H. Singer (Einsteins) Imaging of endogenous ß-actin mRNA during nucleocytoplasmic transport [PDF]
C. Ciobanasu & U. Kubitscheck (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn) HIV1 TAT peptide translocation in giant unilamellar vesicles [PDF]
S. Pallikkuth & A. Volkmer (University of Stuttgart) Determining the hydrodynamic size and shape of fluorescent biomolecules by probing their single-molecule brownian motion [PDF]
WE-MO2-PAR-C FRET, multiphoton excitation sources, multispot arrays (Aula Srednia)
E. Simbuerger & R. Nitschke (Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH) Fluorescence lifetime microscopy of green to red emitting fluorescent dyes using a new laser [PDF]
J. Harris & W. Zhang & G. McConnell (University Of Strathclyde) Novel geometries for optical trapping, manipulation and visualization of live cells [PDF]
S. Stallinga & B. Hulsken & D. Vossen (Delft University of Technology) High-NA diffractive array illuminator for a multi-spot scanning microscope [PDF]
I. Rimke & R. Niesner & F. Zipp & E. Büttner & G. Stibenz (APE GmbH) A new light source for multiphoton imaging including CARS [PDF]
V.R. Daria & C. Stricker & H.-A. Bachor & S. Redman (Australian National University) Arbitrary multi-site two-photon excitation [PDF]
WE-MO2-PAR-D Computational imaging, nanorods (Aula Wystawowa)
V. Myneni & C. Preza (The University of Memphis) Computational imaging for depth-variant fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
C.J. Cogswell & S.V. King & S.R.P. Pavani & D.B. Conkey & R.H. Cormack (University of Colorado at Boulder) Microscope imaging capabilities improve using computational optics [PDF]
L.H. Schaefer & D. Schuster & C. Dietrich & H. Lippert (Advanced Imaging Methodology Consultation) Detail improvement with fusion concepts on multiview imaging datasets [PDF]
M. Gu (Swinburne University of Technology) Gold nanorods under optical microscopy [PDF]
S.G. Stanciu & R. Hristu & R. Boriga & G.A. Stanciu (University Politehnica of Bucharest) A study on the performance of invariant feature detectors/descriptors in confocal microscopy [PDF]
12:40-13:20Plenary lecture and closing
WE-AF-PLEN (Aula Duza A)
J.W. Dobrucki (Jagiellonian University, Div. of Cell Biophysics) Interaction of light with living cells [PDF]
13:20-14:20Lunch break
14:30-22:00Conference excursion, Salt mines and dinner at Folwark Zalesie resort (Start boarding busses.)

Monday, April 6, 15:20-16:30

Live sciences posters A
U. Fascio & R. Pennati & G. Zega & S. Groppelli & F. De Bernardi (C.I.M.A. - University of Milan) Adhesive papillae of Ascidian larvae: A confocal microscope analysis [PDF]
A. Berquand & B. Bouchet & C. Gaillard (Veeco Instruments GmbH) Getting better insight into mechanical and chemical properties of wheat cuts using AFM harmonix mode [PDF]
N. Maghelli & M. Stiess & F. Bradke & I. Tolic-Norrelykke (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics) 'Soft' two-photon laser ablation: From yeast microtubules to neuron centrosomes [PDF]
W.-C. Chen & L.-Y. Huang & F.-J. Kao & Y.-H. Ping (National Yang-Ming University) Real-time visualization of dengue virus infection [PDF]
J. Plasek & B. Hoskova & Z. Burdikova & A. Pichova (Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics) Aging-related changes in S. Cerevisiae wild-type and RAS2val19 mutant cells [PDF]
M. Benchimol & V. Midlej & R. Vilela & A. Burla Dias (University Santa Ursula) Cell death of bovine oviduct cells after interaction with parasite Tritrichomonas foetus [PDF]
J.C.F. Rodrigues & J.L. Concepcion & C. Rodrigues & A. Caldera & J. Urbina & W. de Souza (Instituto de Biofísica Carlos Chagas Filho da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro e do INMETRO) Fluorescence and transmission electron microscopy as tools to analyse the effect of inhibitos of squalene synthase on Leishmania amazonensis [PDF]
H.N. Nikiyan & S.N. Letuta & A.S. Vasilchenko (Orenburg State University) Atomic force microscope as a tool for morphometric analysis of bacterial cells [PDF]
T. Krulikovska & O. Schreiberova & O. Chernyavskiy & J. Masak & A. Cejkova & V. Jirku (Institute of chemical technology Prague) Confocal microscopy as a tool for selection of carrier material for biofilm-based bioremediation process [PDF]
O. Wesolowska & A.B. Hendrich & J. Maniewska & K. Michalak (Wroclaw Medical University) Observation of lipid phase separation in giant unilamellar vesicles. Influence of dopants. [PDF]
D. Akimov & C. Krafft & I. Petersen & A. Stallmach & P. Rösch & M. Schmitt & B. Dietzek & J. Popp (University of Jena) Biomedical applications based on Raman and CARS-imaging: Diagnostics and comparative study [PDF]
K.S. Kim & B.S Chun & D.G Gweon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Field curvature compensation for three-dimensional reconstruction of chromatic confocal microscopy images [PDF]
A. Zeug & R.A. Neher & F. Theis (Department of Cellular Neurophysiology, Hannover Medical School, Germany) Blind spectral unmixing for the decomposition of multiply labeled fluorescence images [PDF]
R. Favilla & S. Abbruzzetti & C. Viappiani & R. Bizzarri & M. Serresi & F. Beltram (University of Parma) Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy to probe multistate cis-trans photoisomerization of a reversibly switchable fluorescent protein variant [PDF]
S. Rodighiero & C. Bazzini & L. Garavaglia & G. Meyer & M. Paulmichl (University of Milan) FRET technique to disclose the dynamic interaction between ICln and 4.1R [PDF]
C. Flors & D.T.F. Dryden (University of Edinburgh) Super-resolution imaging of DNA through single molecule switching of intercalating cyanine dyes [PDF]
K. Wojcik & M. Zarebski & J.W. Dobrucki (Jagiellonian University, Div. of Cell Biophysics) FRAP and confocal imaging studies of the influence of DNA-binding drugs on interactions between DNA and histones [PDF]
V.V. Barygina & O.V. Zatsepina (Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences) FRAP conditions influence measurements of Deff and mobile fraction of fibrillarin [PDF]
E. Fernández & R. Gómez & E. Ibañez & L. Barrios & J.A. Plaza & J. Esteve & M. Duch & C. Nogués (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)) Cell tracking with polysilicon barcodes [PDF]
B. Riquelme & H. Castellini & J.F. Stoltz & D. Dumas (Universidad Nacional de Rosario) Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy: Using of genetic algorithm to search relevant dynamic parameters [PDF]
E. Esposito & K. Gardner & E. Riis & G. McConnell (University of Strathclyde) Frequency doubled Cr:Fosterite laser for two photon flash photolysis of caged compounds [PDF]
H. Montón & M. Roldán & E. Rossinyol & O. Castell & C. Nogués (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) Quantum dots as a promising tools for immunochemistry [PDF]
D. Trinel & L. Heliot & Y. Usson (Interdisciplinary Research Institut) Titan software : A tool box for advanced analysis in flim [PDF]
D. Kapsokalyvas & N. Bruscino & V. DeGiorgi & F.S. Pavone (LENS, University of Florence) Multispectral dermoscope [PDF]
D. Filion & J.F. Ouimette & A. Vallée & D. Grégoire & M. Kmita & J. Drouin (Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montreal) 3D reconstruction of brightfield tomography imaging of mouse embryo [PDF]
D.R. Matthews & L. Carlin & P. Barber & B. Vojnovic & M. Irving & T. Ng & S.M. Ameer-Beg (King's College London) Combining fluorescence anisotropy with tir excitation to image protein-protein interactions by FRET [PDF]
P.-C. Huang & T.-Y. Chiu & F.-J. Kao & D.-M. Yang (Taipei Veterans General Hospital) Observing dynamic interactions of store-operated calcium channel proteins by fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy [PDF]
C.N.J. Ravarani & D.T.F. Dryden & C. Flors (University of Edinburgh) Comparison of different DNA labeling techniques for their use in single molecule switching microscopy [PDF]
J. Svoboda & M. Kuldová & K. Hulíková & R.G. Miller & A. Fiserová (1Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) Fluorescent techniques used to visualize and quantify NKR-P1/G-proteins colocalization and NKR-P1 internalization [PDF]
Live sciences posters B
Z. Burdikova & E. Filova & M. Rampichova & P. Bianchini & E. Amler & M. Capek & L. Kubinova (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) Two photon excitation microscopy and SHG imaging as a tool for visuAlisation of type I and type II collagen [PDF]
B. Asselbergh & V. Verschuere & F. van Roy & E. Parthoens & C. Guérin & K. Vleminckx (Ghent University) Morphological image analysis demonstrates that depletion of catenin p0071 results in abnormal embryonic wound healing [PDF]
S. Psilodimitrakopoulos & G. Soria & I. Amat-Roldan & D. Artigas & A.M. Planas & P. Loza-Alvarez (ICFO-Institut de Ciències Fotòniques) Discrimination between collagen and muscle using polarization second harmonic imaging with pixel resolution [PDF]
J.M. Bueno & E.J. Gualda & P. Artal (Universidad de Murcia) Non-linear microscopy of ex-vivo ocular tissues: A comparative study from different species [PDF]
N. Olivier & F. Aptel & A. Deniset-Besseau & K. Plamann & J.-M. Legeais & M.-C. Schanne-Klein & E. Beaurepaire (Ecole Polytechnique) Multimodal multiphoton imaging of intact eye tissues [PDF]
A.J. Wright & L.E. Tan & F. Watts & C. Wilson & J.M. Girkin (University of Strathclyde) Measuring the viscosity of the vitreous humour using an optically trapped local probe [PDF]
S. Guldbrand & C. Simonsson & M. Smedh & M.B. Ericson (University of Gothenburg) Point spread function measured in human skin using two-Photon fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
H.-J. Eckert & Z. Petrasek & M. Vitali & F.-J. Schmitt & Th. Friedrich & K. Kemnitz (Technische Universität Berlin) Wide-field FLIM for minimal invasive long-term imaging of biological micro- and nanostructures [PDF]
O. Chernyavskiy & L. Vannucci & P. Bianchini & F. Difato & P. Togni & L. Kubinova (Department of Biomathematics, Institute of Physiology, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic) Quantitative characterization of MWHT induced changes in mouse experimental melanoma by non-invasive in vivo study by combination of confocal and two-photon microscopy [PDF]
B. Jodłowska-Jędrych & W. Matysiak (Medical University of Lublin) Ultrastructure of ovarian surface epithelium cells after stimulated ovulation on animal model [PDF]
E. Biela-Witkowska & K. Wojcik & N. Celejewska & T. Wlodarski & J. Galas & G. McConnell & Z. Darzynkiewicz & J.W. Dobrucki (Jagiellonian University, Div. of Cell Biophysics) Imaging fibres of extracellular matrix with a new fluorescent probe Col-F [PDF]
P. Veranic & M. Lokar & K. Jezernik & G.J. Schutz & J. Weghuber & H. Hagerstrand & V. Iglic & A. Iglic (University of Ljubljana) Two types of nanotubular connections between epithelial cells [PDF]
R. Aviles & M. Mathew & S. Santos & D. Zalvidea & P. Loza-Alvarez (ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences) Second harmonic microscopy to study effects of electrical pulses on cells [PDF]
N. Jährling & F. Schnorrer & C. Schönbauer & K. Becker & H.U. Dodt (TU Vienna) Analysis of flight muscle defects in adult Drosophila by ultramicroscopy [PDF]
H. Moussa & M. Trimèche & M.F. Najjar & R. Sakly (Ecole Sup Sci Tech Santé) Accumulation of mercury and its effects on liver and kidney functions in rats intoxicated orally by methylmercury [PDF]
M. Wagner & P. Weber & H. Schneckenburger (Institut für Angewandte Forschung Hochschule Aalen) Spatially and time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy imaging of membrane dynamics in living cells [PDF]
E. Gielen & N. Smisdom & B. De Clercq & M. vandeVen & M. Ameloot (Hasselt University) Raster image correlation spectroscopy (RICS): Diffusion in guvs and cell membranes using one photon excitation and analog detection [PDF]
A. Berquand & A Holloschi & P Kioschis (Veeco Instruments GmbH) Probing direct changes in living cells elasticity in response to specific drugs - A combined fluorescence/AFM study [PDF]
A. Ngezahayo & J. Baumgart & S. Przemeck & K. Kütemeyer & L. Kruppe & F. Witte & H. Lubatschowski & A. Heisterkamp (Rowiak GmbH) Intracellular manipulation of single cells using ultrashort laser pulses: Ablation of mitochondria and cytoskeleton [PDF]
B. Heise & G.J. Schuetz (Johannes Kepler University Linz) Automatic analysis of micro-patterns in the live cell plasma membrane [PDF]
K. Skupiñska & I Misiewicz-Krzemiñska & K. Lubelska & T. Kasprzycka-Guttman (National Medicines Institute) Detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in live cells [PDF]
J. Wojas & E. Pajtasz-Piasecka & J. Rossowska & E. Piasecki & D. Dus (Ludwik hirszfeld institute of immunology and experimental therapy) Induction of anti-tumor activity of CD4+ and CD8+ mouse lymphocytes by administration of IL-2-producing cell based vaccines [PDF]
J. Rossowska & E. Pajtasz-Piasecka & J. Wojas & A. Krawczenko & D. Dus (Ludwik Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy, Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland) Anti-tumor activity of mouse bone marrow derived-DC transduced with IL-12 or IL-2 genes [PDF]
K. Ibata & S. Takimoto & T. Morisaku & M. Yasui & A. Miyawaki (CFDS, BSI, RIKEN) Direct optical measurement of water diffusion in single mammalian cells with cars microscopy [PDF]
R. Takechi & S. Galloway & M. Pallebage-Gamarallage & S. Dhaliwal & J. Mamo (Curtin University) 3-D semiquantitative measurement of intestinal chylomicron production and secretion [PDF]
A.M Pereira & C. Tudor & H. Kanger & V. Subramaniam & E. Martin-Blanco (1Instituto de Biología Molecular de Barcelona (CSIC), Parc Cientific de Barcelona) FRET-FLIM assessment of conformational changes of a dJUN FRET biosensor in response to stress activation of the JNK pathway [PDF]
J. Ando & N.I. Smith & K. Fujita & S. Kawata (Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University) Cellular membrane dynamics evoked by femtosecond laser [PDF]
W. Matysiak & B. Jodłowska-Jędrych (Medical University of Lublin) The role of angiotensin ii receptor antagonist in inhibiting of myocardium remodelling [PDF]
F.-C. Chien & J.-Y. Shiu & C.W. Kuo & P. Chen (Academia Sinica) Investigation of the dynamics of focal adhesion complexes on the patterned surfaces by super-resolution imaging [PDF]
A. Strzelecka-Kiliszek & M. Statkiewicz & R. Bartosiewicz & R. Buchet & S. Pikula (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology) ANXA6-regulated bone mineralization by SAOS-2 osteoblasts: Light, fluorescent and electron microscope analysis [PDF]
O. Hovorka & Z. Cimburek & D. Vetvicka & L. Kovar & V. Subr & K. Ulbrich & B. Rihova (Inctitute of Microbiology ASCR v.v.i) Spectral analysis of doxorubicin and indirect quantification of its DNA intercalation [PDF]
Live sciences posters C
I. Testa & D. Mazza & A. Palamidessi & S. Barozzi & M. Faretta & A. Diaspro (University of Genoa, Department of Physics) Protein kinetic evaluations by two photon photoactivation in living cells [PDF]
S.M. Hjelle & I. Haaland & E. Silden & Ø Bruserud & J.C. Bourdon & B.T. Gjertsen (University of Bergen) Expression and subcellular localization of P53 protein isoforms in acute myeloid leukaemia [PDF]
P. Matula & A. Kumar & I. Wörz & H. Erfle & R. Bartenschlager & R. Eils & K. Rohr (DKFZ & University of Heidelberg) Automatic single-cell-based analysis of siRNA screens based on immunofluorescence microscopy [PDF]
W. Klopocka & J. Korczynski & A. Wasik & D. Wypych & A. Wolny & P. Pomorski (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology) To see a signal - microscopic techniques as a tool in signal transduction studies [PDF]
E. Baumgart & J.P. Siebrasse & U. Kubitscheck (Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Bonn) Raster image correlation spectroscopic analysis of intranuclear molecular dynamics [PDF]
W.C. Puah & M. Wasser (Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)) 4D quantitative tracking of cell cycle progression in live drosophila embryos [PDF]
A. Veenendaal & J.P. Siebrasse & U. Kubitscheck (University of Bonn) Dwell times of transport receptors at the nuclear pore complex [PDF]
C. Hepperger & A. Mayer & D.K. Vanderwall & S. Dietzel (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) Three-dimensional distribution of maternal and paternal chromosomes in structurally preserved nuclei [PDF]
H. Sas Nowosielska & M. Dydak & T. Bernas & J. Maluszynska (University of Silesia) Cytogenetic analysis of rRNA genes in Crepis capillaris genome using confocal laser scanning microscopy and high content screening station. [PDF]
T. Bernas & H. Sas Nowosielska (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), National Biophotonics And Imaging Platform Ireland (NBIPI), 123 St Stephens Green, Dublin, Ireland) Application of texture parameters to measure changes in 3d architecture of nuclei induced by the presence of extra (B) chromosomes [PDF]
W.H. De Vos & F. Houben & J. Broers & R.A. Hoebe & E.M.M. Manders & F. Ramaekers & P. Van Oostveldt (University of Ghent) Nuclear dynamics in lamin perturbed human fibroblasts [PDF]
A. Braszewska-Zalewska & J. Maluszynska (University of Silesia) Epigenetic chromatin modifications in Brassica genomes [PDF]
K. Scherer & J.P. Siebrasse & U. Kubitscheck (University of Bonn) Visualization of the intra-NPC dynamics of the nucleoporins NUP153 and NUP214 using snap-tag technology [PDF]
M.P.C. van de Corput & T.A. Knoch & W.A. van Cappellen & E. de Boer & M. Lesnussa & B. Eussen & F.G. Grosveld (Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam) Subtle differences in chromatin nano-architecture between silent and transcriptionionally active mouse BETA-haemoglobin loci [PDF]
C. Ciobanasu & U. Kubitscheck (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn) HIV1 TAT peptide translocation in giant unilamellar vesicles [PDF]
P. Paul & D. Kalamatianos & H. Huber & J. Wenus & H. Duessmann (Hamilton Institute, National University of Ireland) Automatic real-time detection of the onset of apoptosis in confocal fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
J. Speil & U. Kubitscheck (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University Bonn) Protein distribution and dynamics in nuclear compartments [PDF]
C. Spriet & N. Dross & E. Richard & A. Leray & O. Bensaude & X. Darzacq & J. Langowsky & L. Heliot (Interdisciplinary Research Institut) Combined FLIM and FCS approach to quantify dynamic and interaction during transcription early elongation phase [PDF]
U. Schmitz-Ziffels & S. Scholl & T. Basché & J.P. Siebrasse & U. Kubitscheck (University of Bonn, Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry) Quantum dots as substrates for nuclear-cytoplasmic transport [PDF]
E. Louvet & P. Percipalle (Karolinska Institutet) Dynamics of cytoplasmic mRNA transport and localization in living oligodendrocytes [PDF]
J. Wlodarczyk & A. Gorlewicz & P. Grieb & U. Slawinska & L. Kaczmarek & G. Wilczynski (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology) CD44-ErbB receptor interaction at the rat neuromuscular synapse revealed by fluorescence resonance energy transfer analysis based on fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy [PDF]
F.G. Wouterlood & J.A.M. Beliën & R. Kajiwara (Dept Anatomy and Neurosciences, VUMC) Automated recognition and quantification of contacts between neurons in confocal laser scanning images [PDF]
A. Alavi & B. Cavanagh & G. Tuxworth & A. Meedeniya & M. Blumenstein & A. Mackay-Sim (Griffith University) Neural networks in the automated classification of neural cell morphology - rapid, unbiased morphometry [PDF]
C. Cui & T. Turbyville & P. Gudla & K. Nandy & J. Beutler & J. Jaja & S. Lockett (SAIC - Frederick / National Cancer Institute) Quantification of F-actin structures in Astrocytoma cells in response to candidate pharmaceuticals [PDF]
O. Faivre & M. Thomas & B. Hedwig (University of Cambridge) Programmable array microscopy and its application to neurobiology [PDF]
L. Sacconi & J. Mapelli & D. Gandolfi & J. Lotti & R.P. O'Connor & E. D'Angelo & F.S. Pavone (European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy) Optical recording of electrical activity in intact neuronal networks with random access second-harmonic generation microscopy [PDF]
A.S. Andryushchenko & M.S. Krasilshchikova & J.W. Dobrucki & O.V. Zatsepina (Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry RAS) conditions favoring analysis of immunodeposits in mouse kidney by CLS microscopy [PDF]
A. Salcher & J. Niehaus & H. Weller (CAN (Center for Applied Nanotechnology) GmbH) CANdots: Applications of fluorescent nanoparticles in biomedicine and life sciences [PDF]
R. Bausinger & C.T. Juengst & C. Rosazza & A. Zumbusch (University of Konstanz) Tracking of transport dynamics in living cells [PDF]
Posters: SHG, THG, Cars, Raman, OCT
S.W. Chu & Z.Y. Zhuo & Y.Y. Tzeng & C.S. Liao & W. Lo & C.Y. Dong & Y.C. Huang & H.M. Lai (National Taiwan University) Amylopectin: Origin of second harmonic generation in starch [PDF]
M. Strupler & M.-C. Schanne-Klein (Laboratoire d'Optique et Biosciences, Ecole Polytechnique 'CNRS' INSERM U696) Simulating second harmonic imaging of complex biological samples [PDF]
G. Norris & G. McConnell (University of Strathclyde) A fs-pulsed synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator developed for three-photon and third harmonic generation microscopy. [PDF]
T. Minamikawa & T. Araki & M Hashimoto (Osaka University) Multiplex multi-focus coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy [PDF]
G. Rago & M. Bonn (FOM Institute AMOLF) Quantitative multiplex CARS spectro-microscopy to monitor in situ chemical processes in microreactors [PDF]
G. van Dalen & W.M. van Ruijven & C. Xiao & C.W. Freudiger & X.S. Xie (Unilever Research & Development) Stimulated Raman scattering microscopy of food emulsions [PDF]
G. van Dalen & P. Nootenboom & P.C.M. Heussen & I.E. Smit (Unilever Research & Development) Imaging of coated oil capsules [PDF]
W. Zhang & G. McConnell (University of Strathclyde) Optical parametric oscillator system for CARS microscopy [PDF]
R. Aviles-Espinosa & R. Porcar-Guezenec & D. Zalvidea & D. Artigas & P. Loza-Alvarez (ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences) Complete optical quality analysis of a non-linear microscope [PDF]
C. Song & M.K. Ahn & D.G. Gweon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)) In-vivo high-resolution high-speed spectral domain optical coherence tomography [PDF]
I. Iglesias (Universidad de Murcia) Phase detection for optical microscopic tomography [PDF]
D. Sacchet & J. Moreau & P. Georges & A. Dubois (Institut d'Optique) Dual-band ultrahigh-resolution full-field optical coherence tomography [PDF]
M.J. Winterhalder & C.T. Juengst & M. Lei & A. Zumbusch (University of Konstanz) Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy in living cells [PDF]
Posters: Optical trapping, single molecule, imaging systems, various
P. Bianchini & V. Caorsi & P. Ramoino & C. Usai & A. Diaspro (LAMBS-MicroSCoBiO, Department of Physics, University of Genoa, 16146, Genoa, Italy.) White light laser (WLL) improve spectral confocal imaging and FRET [PDF]
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