Sponsors wishing to put an advertisement in the FOM2008 abstract book and/or rent exhibition space, please email fom2008@ap.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp. The deadline of application is January 31st, 2008.

The FOM2008 conference wishes to gratefully acknowledge sponsorship from the following organisations:

Main sponsors
 Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH   
Supporting organisations
 Osaka University, Japan   
 University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands   
 Commemorative Organization for The Japan World Exposition '70   
 Inoue Foundation for Science, Japan   
 Japan Science and Technology Agency   
 Photonics Advance Research Center, Osaka University, Japan   
 Andor Technology plc   
 Becker & Hickl GmbH   
 Bitplane AG   
 Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc   
 Chroma Technology Corp   
 Coherent Japan, Inc   
 DHT Corporation   
 Digital Micro Systems Co., Ltd.   
 Femtolasers Produktions GmbH   
 Hamamatsu photonics K.K.   
 Imagine Optic   
 Indeco, Inc   
 Japan Laser Corporation   
 Jenoptik laser, optik, Systeme GmbH   
 JPK Instruments AG   
 Kantum Electronics, Co. Ltd.   
 Koheras A/S   
 Leica microsystems   
 Mitani Corporation   
 Nanophoton Corporation   
 Nikon Corporation Instruments Company   
 Nippon Genetics Co., Ltd.   
 Nippon Roper Co., Ltd.   
 Okolab s.r.l.   
 Olympus Corporation   
 Omega Optical, Inc   
 Opto Science, Inc   
 Phototechnica Corporation   
 Pneum Co., Ltd.   
 Point Source Ltd   
 Santec Corporation   
 Shoshin EM Corporation   
 Solution Systems, Inc.   
 Spectra-Physick KK   
 Thorlabs Japan Inc.   
 Tokyo instruments, Inc   
 Yokogawa Electric Corporation   
Media partner
 Biophotonics International   
 G.I.T. Imaging & Microscopy