MicroCARS: Chemical Imaging by means of

CARS Microscopy

Tutorials / Short courses

As part of the kick-off meeting for the COST action MicroCARS: Chemical Imaging by means of CARS microscopy - jointly organised with the Focus on Microscopy 2007 conference, tutorials (short courses) will be held on tuesday 10 April, 15.00-18.00. These tutorials provide a thorough introduction to nonlinear optics in general and CARS microscopy in particular. The tutorials will be given by experts in the field of nonlinear optics and CARS microscopy. The main goal of the tutorials is to provide PhD-students and post-docs, starting in the field of nonlinear optical microscopy, with the basic background required to understand CARS microscopy at a more fundamental level.

All FOM2007 participants are welcome to attend the CARS microscopy tutorials. Attendance is free and special registration is not required. Just proceed to the lecture theatre specified in the conference program.


Introduction to nonlinear optical microscopy (tue. 10 April, 15.00-15.45)
by Hervé Rigneault, Institut Fresnel - Mosaic group, Domaine Université St Jerome, France.

Topics included: principles of non-linear optics, phasematching, the concept of the non-linear susceptibility, overview of different nonlinear optical process, CARS signal generation, the resonant and non-resonant susceptibility, optical sectioning in nonlinear optical microscopy.

CARS microscopy: fundamentals and applications (tue. 10 April, 16.00-16.45)
by Andreas Volkmer, Institute of Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Topics included: CARS under tight focusing conditions, CARS instrumentation, excitation schemes (narrow vs. broadband pulses), representative examples from imaging apllications, principles of CARS microspectroscopy in the time and frequency domain.

Multiplex CARS microscopy (tue. 10 April, 17.00-17.45)
by Michiel Müller, Biophysics and Microscopy Group, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Topics included: multiplex CARS signal generation, the CARS and Raman lineshape, from the multiplex CARS spectrum to the CARS microscopy image, retrieving the vibrational spectral information, multiplex CARS applications.