Focus on Microscopy 2003
University of Genova, Italy
Palazzo Ducale, April 13-16 2003

The FocusOnMicroscopy 2003 conference will take place in Genova from April 13 to April 16, 2003 as the next in a succesful series of interdisciplinary conferences on 3D image acquisition and 3D image processing.

Spatial imaging techniques in microscopy like confocal, multiphoton excitation or -wide field- deconvolution have become indispensable tools for the study of three-dimensional structures such as are encountered in biology, medicine and material sciences.
We see time-resolved micro-spectroscopy, FRET and related advanced type of fluorescence imaging modes combined with a trend towards faster -3D- image collection at lower specimen dosage and ever increasing resolutions.
New non-linear excitation modes like second -harmonic and coherent anti-Stokes Raman imaging are rapidly evolving. Sophisticated data processing like Image Correlation Spectroscopy (ICS) can provide access to the statistics of the underlying specimen structures downto the ten nm range. Recent developments in these areas will be covered with an eye on their practical applications.
Special sessions will be devoted to the application of 3D techniques for the microscopy of living cells and tissues and the use of GFP and other labeling techniques in these studies.

Palazzo Ducale

FOM 2003 is organized as a joint international conference consisting of the 15th International Conference on Confocal Microscopy, the 16th International Conference on 3D Image Processing and Microscopy. The FOM conferences offer an effective meeting point for developers and users working in these rapidly evolving fields.
The deadline for the submission of abstracts is February 1, 2003. Further information on location, registration, paper presentation, abstract submission and format, contact etc. you will find under the appropriate links shown on this page.

A city tour and conference dinner are part of the program. Also the premiere of La Bohème of Puccini takes place on Tuesday April 15 at the Genova opera house. A block of seats is reserved for the conference until March 1, 2003. If you are interested click on the opera link on the left.

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