The conference organizers do not book any rooms!

Unless you are an invited speaker, the conference participants should arrange all bookings for accommodation themselves. The conference organization will help the participants to find a appropriate accommodation (something between a youth hostel and five star hotel room).

There are two ways to find accommodation in Amsterdam.

  1. Surf the internet and book on-line.
  2. Use the RAI-Hotel Service. (guaranteed booking before February 16)
1 Some links to online hotel sites in Amsterdam (see the page on tourist information also)

You can also contact the Tourist Information Amsterdam. Phone: +31 900 4004040, Fax: +31 20 6252869, E-mail: They can give you phone numbers of 'low-budget' hotels in the city of Amsterdam. They do not make any reservations.

2 Through the intermediary of the RAI Hotel Service, hotel accommodation can be reserved in the hotels mentioned on the enclosed booking form. All rates are quoted per room, per night, including service and private facilities unless stated otherwise. You are kindly requested to return the enclosed hotel booking form if hotel reservation is required. Requests received after February 16, 2001 will be accepted, but hotel accommodation cannot be guaranteed. The RAI Hotel Service reserves the right to book you into a similar hotel if the hotel requested is fully booked.

RAI Hotel Service Booking form (frontside)
RAI Hotel Service Booking form (backside)

Requests for additional information on hotel accommodation and extra booking forms can be directed to:

RAI Hotel Service
P.O. Box 77777
1070 MS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 20 5491927
Telefax: +31 20 6462840
Telex: 13499